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Brady recorded his first album in 2008 in the NYC area with award winning producer and Proferssor David Musial. Brady was joined on many songs with incredible guitar performance by Carlos Almar, who toured the world with David Bowie as a guitarist. Musial hired Alomar to give Brady a few guitar lessons. In 2010 Brady was invited to perform BOWIE's smash hit "LET's DANCE" (Track 6) at a '"1980's Bash" in Buffalo, NY for a crowd of about 5,000 people. Musial hired Carlos to play the guitars on a studio recording version of this song, which Brady used as a backling track as he sang live on stage.

So Brady learnes a great deal about the history of BOWIE though these experienes, and has come to innovently realize that this is why people often say "you are like the NEXT BOWIE". Humbly BRADY says, "what are you talking about?" Brady was selected by promoters to fill this position because they too thought this! What a unique experience for Brady but this gets even stranger... in 2012 Brady sees an ad in a NYC actors post for auditions for a new nightclub on Broadway called "JELSOMINO". The interviewed well over 1,000 entertainers for only a few regular positions to perform nightly as singer/dancers/emcees in a 1980's fashion. Brady got the gig and being moved by Bowie's artistic images, he painted the inspiration driven by Bowie over an eye every night before he hit the stage from 10 PM to 4 AM! Brady took selfies in the dressing room mirror and they became the cover the montage of his third amazing album "THIS IS BRADY". 

As Brady became more and more educated about the music and creativity of BOWIE, he naturally became more inspired to write many of the original songs on this pop album. One song is "DISCO, RETRO DISCO". Since Brady is such a huge fan of DAVID BOWIE, and since he does not own the right to give away for free a copy of his recording of "LET's DANCE", (you can purchase it on iTunes or  CD Baby), BRADY has decided to GIVE AWAY FOR FREE for a limited time this song as a tribute to his IDOL: DAVID BOWIE, may he rest in musical heavenly peace!

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f you enjoy it, BRADY has over 50 more songs recorded
and available on iTunes, CD Baby & More

If you enjoy it, BRADY has over 50 more songs recorded and available on iTunes, CD Baby & More 

Disco Retro Disco by BRADY® Free Tribute to his idol DAVID BOWIE!