brady Cudmore in The Guardian News July 2008
July 7, 2008 By Sally Cole

Prince Edward Island,

(P.E.I. photo coming)

Carlos Alomar ( with Brady Cudmore at
Carlos played guitars on 3 songs with Brady, his song "Dream It"
and a Ballas and Hip-Hop mix of We're Making It by Bill Lewis
Taking the next step
More challenges and opportunities are waiting in New York City for Brady Cudmore

While most high school graduates are working at their summer jobs, Brady Cudmore is taking the next step in his musical career.

The 18 year-old Bluefield High School graduate leaves for New York City this week.

“It’s an amazing ride that’s just beginning.

“And it feels pretty good,” says Cudmore, who has been awarded a music production scholarship from One World Artists.

As part of the deal he will experience music opportunities in the Big Apple and record his first CD.

He will also attend a nearby community college.

“If someone had told me two years ago that this was going to happen to me I wouldn’t have believed it. I wouldn’t have believed it at all,” says the Hampshire resident, who performed in his high school’s musical productions of Grease and Go Go Beach.

It’s the latest development in a story that began two years ago when Cudmore attended the Audio Engineering (AES) music and technology convention in New York City with students from his school.

With some gutsy determination he auditioned for David Musial. The New York producer was so impressed with what he heard that he came to P.E.I. to record Cudmore the following November.

Soon afterward, Musial became his manager.

“I will open doors for Brady, but it’s up to him to dream it,” says the director of music and technology at the Stevens Institute of Technology and the CEO of One World Artists, a company that creates Smart Trax - contemporary music videos and audio tracks for young people containing positive messages about non-

violence, self-confidence

and being drug- and alcohol-free.

This business relationship has been valuable for Cudmore. In the past six months, he has lent his voice to various projects.

Cudmore is currently part of a recording project that involves the remake of the 1981 hit We’re Making It. He will perform two versions of the song — a rock ballad with former Miss Teen Universe Ashley Avis and a hip-hop version with actor Papa Lock, also known as Sherlock Anthony Jr.

“Working with these artists was a fantastic experience,” he says.


Cudmore’s vocals have also been recorded for two other songs, I Have a Real Dream, inspired by Martin Luther King, and We Could Start a Fire, a song he received from artist Kevin Bertotti for his upcoming reality show, 100 Songs in 100 Days.

While in New York, Cudmore will work with Steve Clark who will write and produce a song for his new CD this summer.

He has also been invited to a recording session with Dion Parson, a Grammy Award-winning percussionist/drummer.

“A lot of things have happened in a short period of time. I also have a new website,” he says.

At his school, the principal can’t say enough about the recent graduate.

“Brady has made an incredible contribution to Bluefield High in the past three years, and we wish him all the best as he follows his dreams,” says Dale McIsaac.

Islanders can expect to hear from Cudmore in the near future.

After his CD has been recorded and produced, it will be launched on P.E.I. in October.

“We’re looking at venues. When I see how many friends Brady has here, we might have to sell tickets in advance,” says Musial.